Connections : Adventures in Biopsychology

Life is just one elaborate experiment. No one knows what they are doing. I appreciate when people make discoveries that they think will be of use to the rest of us and write little self-help books. What else can you do with your life besides try and figure it all out? It is remarkable to me how if you head down any rabbit hole in the vicinity you find they’re all connected underground.

There is no path that you can take that will not lead you to everything else. All I want is a map of everything. The early universe interposed with the current universe, mixed in with human history, biology, poetry, religion. There is an unfathomable amount to know. I guess I’ll start with trying to figure out how we have stumbled upon knowing that we know.

Before we get into all of that though, let’s talk about these pictures of the early universe* and the mystery of the Big Bang (which, to me, look disturbingly, or reassuringly, or disruptively similar to brain scans).


Some now say those photos aren’t the whole story or proof enough that we’ve detected the “beginning” the jumping off point of the universe. The wall of light and heat that is expanding ever outwards (into what?). They say before the beginning there was no dimension called time. At the edge one might reach a blockade or a black hole, which sucked everything back into nothingness. Thinking about “nothingness” and “no time” before the beginning is equally confusing as the idea that there was something there, forever, an infinity before and behind. Is infinity the automatic default when there is “no time”? or are they separate unthinkable things, un-linked and also, somehow, not opposite. Maybe this is an illogical place to begin with the questions.

let’s start again.

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